Now Again

by Mark

What we didn’t realize (logically at least), and what constitutes the first part of this book, is that this ‘present moment’, the locale of our sharing, is quite a wild, rich, and complicated place.

Each of us has “so much going on”, and since everything matters, each person in every moment is a precious creation undergoing the vast experiences of being alive. Add in torment, nightmares, poverty sometimes, abuse, violence, cruel hatred,

shitty food, alongside Beauty itself, and the present moment looms large indeed. And that’s just the tough side; there’s abundance, too.

Into that stormy conviction, that vulnerable largess, we show up with our breathing, our own dear selves, and a deep and grounded commitment to knowing that


we will get through this, collectively at least, and we mourn and hold space for knowing that not all of us will survive.

That’s Rebel Breath, bearing all this—holding space for yourself, everyone, everything, and not giving up as we live through one vast present moment after another. We show up as brilliantly as we can, we share breath itself with a feeling that our lives depend on it, with a fierce belief in Love and a trust in Grace, a determination to never, ever let darkness win.