A Lot of Places to Find Brilliance

by Mark

I am glad that i like a lot of things, quiet walks in a light rain, exploring a new city, NHL playoff hockey, March Madness for basketball, mystery novels.

It was while tracking the recent NCAA Men's Basketball tournament that i came across a name that was new to me, Ja Morant. He's a young man of 19 years, and he plays basketball and matriculates at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Murray is south and east of the Ohio River.

I don't know Ja Morant's background, to know if he came from adversity or not, but what brings me to write about him today in the context of breath-centered resilience building, is one thing i saw watching him play.

If you want to enjoy some sweet athleticism, here's what made me smile.

What brought me and thoughts of Ja Morant here today is watch how he does one thing really really well. Yes, he glides, shoots, dekes, cuts, and covers the floor with a grace and ease that will one day make him millions, but watch how he makes everyone around him better!

That's the piece i took in as a new thread in my own practice. Am i doing everything i can to make those around me better?

Whether it's basketball, or simply supporting your family and friends as they live these unfurling lives of ours. Do i at work share my knowledge freely so everyone learns more, do i help out in class so each student can succeed?

You get the idea. Today's thought, weave into your own practice one question. How can i make everyone around me be and feel better?