Getting it Right

We've put down a hundred times more words than we've ever published. Words give us yet another, and for us very powerful, frame of reference, in the work of coming to know ourselves. We offer these words with humblest heart and a bounty of good intent.

Breathing on the First Day by Dani
Scathed! by Mark
A Lot of Places to Find Brilliance by Mark
Teaching the Exhale by Dani
New Spring by Dani
More not Me, Rumi by Mark
There Can't Be a Shortage of Time by Mark
Enough of Everything is Plenty by Mark
On Charlie Brown by Mark
SW Spaciousness by Mark
Now Again by Mark

Our Upcoming Book

We're super excited, hard at work. If you want, here's an excerpt.... interesting words we've gotten to type with this one.

Rebel Breathing

Excerpt from Rebel Breath the book

This book begins with a look at breath and breathing, and then examines other aspects of these present moments of ours: our dear nervous systems, our complicated and amazing bodies, the hormones that cascade around inside us, the emotions that arise unbidden and often demand to be seen and heard right now or all hell will literally rise up and break us apart from within.

Layered throughout all this are the places and people we come from, the stories we tell ourselves of who we are and how we got here, and lastly in the sense that the last shall be first, is the land itself, the Earth, our ability to feel and know what it means to be home. This is where we make our stand.