Trauma-Smart Yoga Service

Trauma-Smart Yoga Service

Breath-Centred, Resilience-Based

The Trauma-Smart Yoga Service training is founded on best practices in frontline situations. Blending personal reflection, and active practicing, this course builds on each participants strengths and needs in offering yoga and mindfulness practices that are as safe as possible for everyone.

With safety as its foundation, topics and activities include:

  • Safety
  • Resilience
  • Best practices in teaching yoga and breathing
  • The biology of trauma and its presentments
  • Case studies and mock classes
  • Population specific program development
  • Journalling and portfolio work
  • Peer feedback
  • Whole group yoga practices and personal practices

This training builds on that work, and gives each person strong, practical experience both in formulating yoga sessions, but in creating proposals and curricula that can lead to funding and sustainability.

This course builds on the shared material of the 100 Series.

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HappyTree, Montreal

Where: HappyTree Yoga, Montreal
When: April 3-5, 2020
Fri 3 Apr,  5:30p-9:15p
Sat 4 Apr, 10:00a-5:15p
Sun 5 Apr, 10:30a-4:30p
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When: May 29-31, 2020
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Who Is It For

Trauma-Smart Yoga Service is intended for professionals, volunteers, and interested supporters who wish to bring yoga (in diverse forms), breathing, and safety-focused mindfulness to people of any age who have gone through trauma, illness, and/or loss.

This training is suitable for:

  • yoga teachers
  • studio owners
  • social workers and therapists
  • school staff and teachers
  • health care workers
  • family members, friends
  • all are welcome.

About the Course

This course provides an overview of how trauma impacts people’s wellbeing, and how breathing is an effective tool to build resilience. We will cover:

  • Trauma-Smart, Breath-Centred Resilience Building
  • Frontline Breathing & Awareness
  • Everyday Individual Resilience
  • Capacity & Strength Practices
  • Scalable Framework

This 2+ day experiential workshop helps professionals and community members alike meet real world needs with breathing practices that bring calm, focus, and help build strength and capacity.

You will be provided with a workbook.

About the Trainers

Both Dani and Mark have taught this material scores of times, in many diverse places. No matter the audience, common themes are addressed first, then local needs and on the ground skills flesh out the offerings we co-develop, offering of sharing the practices of breathing well.

Note for prospective participants

This training will cover foundational material, but we have found it ideal that participants have an experience of breathing, yoga, and/or a strong interest in the topic.

Learning Objectives

This first Rebel Breath series moves to assist each of us in expressing our own authentic wisdom and voice, then practice using both to share and teach breath-centered resilience practices with any audience, with special attention to serving vulnerable populations.

We will practice self-awareness, timing and cueing, collaboration, word choice, within the framework of Rebel Breath's core teachings. Safety we return to from multiple perspectives over and over again.

Participants will:

  • engage in meaningful discussion on topics such as brilliance, self-inquiry, safety, lineage, strength, celebration, and resilience
  • expand professional and personal portfolios in this field
  • have a clearer understanding of individual and collective strength, opportunity, and challenges as they pertain to our self and service
  • contribute to building community
  • have an expanded toolbox of strategies and skills for sharing breath-centered resilience practices with any audience

Our in-person training components explores safe ways to share breathing with people going through huge challenge due to trauma or circumstance, which often overlap. It involves practicing together throughout the workshop, and in developing language for assessing our own sharing, as well as that of our classmates.

Role play, needs analyses, scenario planning, sustainability and more are all explore in safe, "hands-on" ways; of course, people are free to engage with the material in whatever way suits them. We honour every person's individual journey.