100 Series

The 100 series consists of three courses which cover roughly similar core material. Only one of the three (or real-world experience) is required for taking any 200 or higher course.

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Core Courses

The three core 100 series Rebel Breath courses cover all the same fundamentals, and differ mostly in which practical areas are explored. The three courses are:

  • Frontline Mindfulness (RB100a), for frontline workers of all sorts. This course covers the core material through the lens of serving clients in frontline, one-on-one and small group capacities. Practical exercises include youth groups, support for family and youth interventions, and more.

  • Trauma-Smart Yoga Service (RB100b). Blending the core material with a deep emphasis on yoga as a tool of resilience, agency, and personal power for people who have experienced trauma, loss, and other great challenges.

  • Breathing Room for Schools (RB100c), for teachers, principals, support staff, administrators. This school-focused course builds on the core tenets with practical applications for educators of all kinds

Shared Material Across 100 Series

  • breath-centered resilience building
  • practical, on the ground skill building and implementation
  • exploration of the "practice"
  • evaluation basics
  • needs frameworks and analyses
  • self-assessment around our own journey, shadows, and brilliance
  • core terms, trauma-smart, resilience, breath, grounding, safety.

Upcoming Schedule (in Person)

  • Belfast, February, 2020
  • Montreal, April, 2020
  • Chicago, first half 2020