Rebel Breath offers training, workshops, and mentoring in core and advanced topics of breath-centered resilience building. We draw from decades of frontline and program building experience in the fields of:
  • embodied mindfulness
  • trauma-informed yoga
  • classroom breathing
  • frontline yoga service


We're especially excited to offer deeper opportunities to increase mastery in this field of helping folks build resilience, strength, and self-power through breath and breathing.

We are nearly done developing a 48 hour certificate of initial master in breath-centred resilience building.


Upcoming trainings include:

100 Series

The 100 Series offers a foundation in breath-centered resilience building, covering many details, as well as both reflective and hands-on modules.

130 Series

The 130 Series builds upon core knowledge (100 Series) plus real-world experience. 130 Series courses cover advance topics in frontline breath-centered resilience building.