Rebel Breath offers training, workshops, and mentoring in core and advanced topics of breath-centered resilience building. We draw from decades of frontline and program building experience in the fields of:
  • embodied mindfulness
  • trauma-informed yoga
  • classroom breathing
  • frontline yoga service

We believe that each person can be deeply powerful in this work, and fully kind. Each person is entitled graciously to be empowered to be their most amazing self, and that's what matters, and that's the heart of what we share w/ Rebel Breath, our own amazing best selves.

100 Series

The 100 Series offers a foundation in breath-centered resilience building, covering many details, as well as both reflective and hands-on modules.

130 Series

The 130 Series builds upon core knowledge (100 Series) plus real-world experience. 130 Series courses cover advance topics in frontline breath-centered resilience building.


Our learning happens in person and online, and aims to support each person in growing stronger and more effective.

Rebel Breath teaches from thousands of direct frontline hours serving as best as possible, helping teens in Toronto trying to survive and find center, breathing with young people in hospital recovering from deep injury, aiding adults still recovering from traumas old and new. So too, we help the helpers.

There are three core 100-level courses, and a new online course (RB131/UIY100) about which we are excited , multiple 130-level courses in the works, and our very first Certificate program (40hrs) in trauma-smart, breath-centered resilience building.