Thank You

We are grateful to be sharing these words, hopefully connecting with you over this work. Breathing Room complements embodied mindfulness, yoga service, classroom breathing, and brings practices for self-care and self-awareness that benefit each of us. We are blessed to meet so many people of Light and Love that we feel an abundance that comes straight from Life itself, and all we can say is Thank You! No one is ever excluded from the Light.

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What We Do

Rebel Breath delivers worldwide trainings, outreach, and courses in frontline breath-based resilience building.

Our process draws on embodied mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga, service, classroom breathing, and more to create safe, comprehensive curriculums and programs appropriate for anyone in any circumstance.


Rebel Breath is dedicated to ensuring that every person has access to the capacity, strength, and awareness that can be born from breath through universally accessible practices and curriculum.


We see a world where every person knows themselves as Good, whole, and well, and has the needed tools and support to pull this off. We see everyone as Brilliant and filled with Love.


Our work is dedicated to sharing breath-based resilience tools with people in every circumstance—as widely and safely as possible.

We teach breathing for every person, for frontline workers, first responders, helpers, parents, kids, teens, and people dealing with challenges huge and small.

Who Is It For?

Rebel Breath complements embodied mindfulness, yoga service, classroom breathing, and brings practices for self-care and self-awareness to frontline, person-to-person situations.

Rebel Breath is developed for people in frontline situations, to encourage the safest possible sharing of breath-based resilience skills with students, clients, colleagues, patients, parents, and more.

P1, Breathing

Thank You

Breathing with kind intent is rebellion. That's where we come from, from the deep learned belief that breathing—with compassion and strength—is, in its way, revolutionary.

We thank with deepest gratitude everyone who has had our back, who has and continues to teach us. And we thank you, for showing up hard for your communities and yourself.

Who We Are

Rebel Breath is all the people we've shared these practices with, all the people we've taught and learned from; there is a quiet and fierce rebellion in responding to situations rather than reacting to them. And we–like so so many–have dedicated ourselves to helping out, to making things better.

Rebel Breath grows from both Dani's and Mark's commitment with young people and adults, working to help all of us face vulnerabilities, opportunities, and even post-traumatic challenges with strength, grace, and a very lively aplomb.

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Dani Harris

Co-Founder, Trainer
Dani is a high school English teacher with the Toronto District School Board in Scarborough, Ontario. She also works with Street Yoga, and the Yoga Service Council.
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Mark A. Lilly

Co-Founder, Trainer
Mark, too, strives to see the Light in each person, and dedicates himself to helping all of us find our strength, our truth, and our joy at being alive. He knows we'll pull this off.
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Hanna Lilly

Business Manager
Hanna is a recent Chicago transplant focusing her attention on social entrepreneurship, mental health advocacy, and growing a garden on her back porch.
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Ivy Katz

Senior Trainer
Ivy has worked in the mental health field since 2007 including wilderness therapy, residential treatment, community mental health agencies and private practice.
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Jessica Gershwin

Senior Trainer
As a licensed clinical social worker, Jessica has worked to bring yoga, mindfulness, and self-care practices to children, youth, and adults who have experienced trauma and adversity.
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Danielle Rousseau, PhD

Senior Trainer, Researcher
Danielle Rousseau, PhD LMCH is a professor, researcher, licensed therapist, and certified yoga teacher. She considers herself to be a scholar activist and a justice educator.
Our backstory

Our Backstory

Dani grew up in small cities and towns in Ontario, Canada, and Mark grew up in Southern California, specifically the city of Los Angeles.

Along the way, there were good things, and there were things that brought us close to death. We both experienced the after-effects of trauma in our early adulthood, and it has informed our teaching and our work ever since. It's one reason we're so deeply committed to safety.

We're glad to be here sharing this with you.