We Believe

  • that everyone matters.
  • that breath is the clearest path to Seeing this truth for ourselves and everyone
  • that through breath we are able to live in awe and wonder
  • each person has wisdom, and incredible potential to be amazing
  • there isn't time anymore for us vs. them. There is only us, only we, and only Love.

Life Itself

We believe that the practice of breathing is an action of rebellion; that every person young and older, whether born into poverty or fiscal privilege, can access their own voice, their most Loving selves, and create greater safety in the world for everyone.

We believe self-study is the key - we must look at ourselves first, judging how humanely we treat the most vulnerable among us; the power to choose differently for ourselves and our people resides within each of us, right now, for free.

Just breathe, that is the rebellion, to forever choosing the most Loving path for ourselves, each other and life itself.

We believe that each person can be deeply powerful in this work, and fully kind. Each person is entitled graciously to be empowered to be their most amazing self, and that's what matters, and that's the heart of what we share w/ Rebel Breath, our own amazing best selves.